Christine Badalamenti Smith’s soothing voice and calming presence create a comforting experience, making time pass swiftly. Interviewing her for our “WBON You Own It!  Blog” added a whole other wonderful dimension while I learned about her and her business, OGGI BE.


Taking the Leap into Business Ownership

Christine is growing in her ability to ask for help and guidance and took the plunge to hire a business coach when she took the leap to leave her part-time job and invest in her business full-time! Her coach, like her yoga therapy practice, gives her great opportunities to discover her edges and work with them.  One challenge for her was the often-heard message that one must niche, choose your people and your market, and stick with that group.

Christine’s realization and how she responded to that challenge are uniquely hers. She first believed niching meant leaving people out, and she always wanted every person to feel welcome and included in her therapy practice. However, she learned that if you try to talk to everyone all at once, you’re probably not talking to anyone! So now she says “yes” to a particular group for a given time, speaks directly to their unique needs and desires, and then she can say “yes” to another group later. This reimagined process ends up being more inclusive because her community feels seen as they are!

Christine has certainly done things her own way and it benefits her clients – she has walked the path herself. She can more deeply serve others, creating a safe and secure environment in which her clients can flourish.

The Path to Here

OGGI BE is Christine’s second business. She began with an online yoga studio during COVID while she completed a second certification in yoga therapy. During this time of deeper study, she realized her impact would be greatest if she committed to providing therapy full-time. It was a much bigger lift than she’d anticipated, experiencing lots of “2 AM nights,” but she did it with enthusiasm.  The bright side of the discomfort and pain she experienced was the freedom she discovered!

OGGI BEHer training in yoga therapy was extensive and hard work. She had to experience yoga therapy herself, as she said, “We are each our first client.”  She is the “experiment (her clients) can all learn from.”  Christine discovered her confidence and her truth.  She found it empowering to take those hard-to-look-at parts of herself and transform them into something beautiful!

She came to understand that there is no one point of arrival and that life is a process of constantly becoming, evolving personally and professionally.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is about connecting to body and Self, without story, judgment, or conditioning.  Connecting to one’s core and the essence of oneself is the essence of yoga therapy.

Christine draws inspiration from her work.  Nature is a powerful source of strength and insight as well.  Yoga therapy is her primary service (navigating the internal landscape), and rewilding (finding your Self in your external landscape) is the other half of her business.  Putting the two together gives you the whole picture – connection to self and nature.  To sit in awe and fascination of the more-than-human world can reframe your experiences and it can change you.  Through these two services, Christine’s mission is to help you feel whole and safe, empowered and alive!

Though networking was initially something Christine used to dislike, as she discovered like-minded people genuinely interested in lifting one another up, she grew to treasure these invaluable relationships. She said it is now the most fun part of having a business!

Advice to Fellow Business Owners

OGGI BEHer advice to business owners comes from an early experience in WBON. She took advantage of the opportunity to join a WBON Plus Group (a mastermind model made up of a small group of businesswomen). Her group meant the world to her, and she credits that experience with significant strides she took in her business. The power of a small group of women supporting one another is exponential!

That sentiment leads me to this final quote I caught from Christine which I think sums up who she is and the wonderful work she does perfectly.

“I see the light in all people – my goal is to help peel off the layers of whatever is shrouding their light so they can shine for all of us.”


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