WBON presentation

A Variety of Events

WBON events include larger gatherings like our Spring and Fall conferences, regional monthly chapter meetings, small working groups and committees, more intimate in-person or video mentoring sessions, and occasional special events of any size.

The emphasis of much of our work is on sharing knowledge about how to run a sustainable business, supporting members in their efforts to succeed (however success is defined), providing opportunities for leadership skill development, and examples of how to be an effective partner in your wider community.

If there’s a type of event you think would add to our program offerings, please email us at info@wbon.org

As much as we try to avoid it, change is a constant in life. Significant changes like marriage, moving, illness, birth, death, and divorce can shake us up and [...]

The continually evolving workplace can be stressful and scary, especially if you're a business owner. Fear – of success, failure or just the unknown - can hold you back [...]

Our theme of Resilience will feature an interactive day of sharing, storytelling and camaraderie that will remind you of your strength!