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The WBON “She Owns It” blog features posts by members for members with actionable tips and business information for women business owners and entrepreneurs.

Member Spotlight: Linda Bryant, Owner of Destiny Darlings

2022-10-25T14:37:41-04:00By |She Owns It|

Linda Bryant of Destiny Darlings and I connected on a Monday morning, with her video conferencing me into her home/mobile studio, a 32 ft. camper she recently purchased. Like most entrepreneurs, her business is her life and she loves having her studio space so close to her, now having the ability to travel and […]

Member Spotlight: Heather Main, Owner of Main Wellness Works

2022-09-19T17:18:46-04:00By |She Owns It|

Heather and I met on zoom after a busy Monday, after Heather had seen all her clients. I could tell right off the bat that even after doing a full day of work, she still had a ton of energy and a very positive attitude. We started out by talking about what her business is […]

Member Spotlight: Sarah Krinsky, Co-Owner of the W. Collective

2022-08-23T02:18:46-04:00By |She Owns It|

Sarah Krinsky has the brains of a dynamic fashion-focused business woman, the soul of an artist, and the heart of a community connector. Imagine starting a brick-and-mortar retail business while you also work another full-time job during a global pandemic.  That’s exactly what Sarah did. 

Sarah’s background and business 

Member Spotlight: Mary Capparuccini, self-employed insurance agent for New York Life

2022-07-22T15:23:51-04:00By |She Owns It|

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of connecting with fellow WBON member, Mary Capparuccini. We discovered some unique similarities, like our connection to Syracuse University, recently establishing ourselves in Vermont, and of course being members of WBON. 

Mary’s Background

Mary’s background is very different than many entering the financial and insurance […]

Member Spotlight: Alexandra Arnold, Owner of Alma Coaching

2022-05-05T09:20:21-04:00By |She Owns It|

Stop me if you’ve ever heard this one, “My plan was all set, I was going to…” We’ve all been there, thinking that we know how things are going to work, how life will turn out and where we’ll be in one, five, ten years from now.  The same was true for Alexandra Arnold (Alex) […]

Member Spotlight: Christine Badalamenti Smith, Owner of Yoga Oggi

2022-02-14T00:31:27-05:00By |She Owns It|

Start the year with inspiration and practical tips from yoga therapist and teacher, Christine Badalamenti Smith! In her business, Yoga Oggi, Christine wears several hats: she is a Yoga Alliance Certified yoga teacher, a Kripalu Mindful Outdoor Guide and a personal coach with a primary focus on yoga therapy. She admitted her […]

Member Spotlight: Susan Walker, Owner of Susan Walker Life Coaching

2022-02-15T02:18:53-05:00By |She Owns It|

Susan Walker of Susan Walker Life Coaching and I talked about her work as a career advancement coach and co-coordinator of the WBON Burlington chapter. Susan shared her journey to coaching, as well as sage advice for those considering a career change.

Who Are You (as a Person)?

One […]

Member Spotlight: Melanie Giangreco, Owner of Mpath Well-being, LLC

2021-12-10T15:07:19-05:00By |She Owns It|

This month’s Member Spotlight is on certified reflexologist Melanie Giangreco, owner of Mpath Well-being. Melanie has been doing reflexology for years, but in its current form, Mpath Well-being began in January 2017. Melanie had just moved back to Vermont in December 2016, and two weeks after she moved back, she incorporated her business. According […]

Member Spotlight: Mary Claire Carroll, Owner of Carroll Photos

2021-11-06T17:26:16-04:00By |She Owns It|

This month we are highlighting Mary Claire Carroll in our Member Spotlight. Mary Claire started her business, Carroll Photos, in 1985. Her decision to start her business was somewhat serendipitous—she just woke up one morning and said to herself, “It’s time.” As Mary Claire puts it, “it was more emotional than logical.” She had been working […]

Member Spotlight: Charlene Wallace, Owner of Operations Plus

2021-02-22T14:14:21-05:00By |She Owns It|

On a bright, cold November afternoon, I  had the great pleasure to chat with new Burlington Chapter Coordinator Charlene Wallace, and learn more about her business, Operations Plus. As one of the newer members of WBON and also a relatively new solopreneur myself, this was my first time learning about and […]


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