She Owns It!

The WBON “She Owns It” blog features posts by members for members with actionable tips and business information for women business owners and entrepreneurs.

Member Spotlight: Linda Bryant, Owner of Destiny Darlings

By |She Owns It|

Linda Bryant of Destiny Darlings and I connected on a Monday morning, with her video conferencing me into her home/mobile studio, a 32 ft. camper she recently purchased. Like most entrepreneurs, her business is her life and she loves having her studio space so close to her, now having the ability to travel and take her work [...]

Member Spotlight: Heather Main, Owner of Main Wellness Works

By |She Owns It|

Heather and I met on zoom after a busy Monday, after Heather had seen all her clients. I could tell right off the bat that even after doing a full day of work, she still had a ton of energy and a very positive attitude. We started out by talking about what her business is and how [...]

WBON Policy Brief

The WBON Policy blog publishes background, updates and policy briefs on what the government may choose to do or not do about particular business issues or problems affecting our members.

Ouch! Women Are Being Recognized Again

WBON Policy Brief|

March marks Women’s History Month again, but I am not celebrating. Stories and images of courageous women of the past are everywhere. These women deserve recognition — they fought hard to advance equal rights and access for the majority of the U.S. population who happen to have been born female. Yet in [...]


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