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How to Fuel Your Growth

2021-02-22T15:43:13-05:00By |She Owns It|

Employees, Contractors or Interns?

The Worker Classification Dilemma in Small Business

When your business has so much happening you need more help, that’s usually good. But should you classify your new helper as an “employee” or “independent contractor”? Or can you hire an unpaid student intern? Why do worker classifications even matter?


Ouch! Women Are Being Recognized Again

2021-02-22T16:46:28-05:00By |WBON Policy Brief|

March marks Women’s History Month again, but I am not celebrating. Stories and images of courageous women of the past are everywhere. These women deserve recognition — they fought hard to advance equal rights and access for the majority of the U.S. population who happen to have been born female. Yet in 2016, I find it increasingly […]

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