Happy July! We hope you are finding breaks in the rain to have some summer fun, whether it’s gardening, biking, or business strategizing al fresco! Several of our chapters are enjoying a mini Summer Vacation this month, but be sure to catch the Burlington chapter meeting on Wednesday, July 19! (scroll down for all the details). 

This month WBON is pleased to share some upcoming events and women-focused initiatives, some new initiatives, and one that has been around over two decades. There are so many interesting things afoot to help women claim a greater share of the economy. Read more to learn about these events and other things WBON has been up to in the past month!


WBON News 

COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE PILOTS A NEW VIDEO SERIES FEATURING WOMEN BUSINESS OWNERS. As you know, every business owner has an individual story to tell. Those of women business owners are too often untold. In this new series, we profile some of the outstanding women who have chosen a path that includes business ownership. With an eye to understanding “how did she get there?” and what keeps her inspired, let’s find out about WBON member Amelia Gulkis of EnSave, Inc. Check out Amelia's video interview here and be sure to let us know what you think! Do you and your business have a story to tell? Email director@wbon.org to get yourself and your business in the queue.

WBON SPRING CONFERENCE PHOTOS! WBON has worked with Karen Pike Photography to given permission to all attendees of the WBON Spring Conference to use any pictures from the conference for your online marketing, provided you credit "Karen Pike Photography" and include a hotlink to her site: www.kpikephoto.com. This is a great opportunity to access high quality photos showing you in connection with other women business owners. 

You can download images from these online galleries:
WBON 2016 Fall Conference 
WBON 2017 Spring Conference 

If you want to use an image for any print marketing (business cards, brochures, flyers, press kits, etc),  There is an additional fee of $50 per image and Karen will supply you with the high res digital image. Contact Karen directly, karen@kpikephoto.com, to work out the image-for-print-marketing details. 

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR NEWS. As you know, the Public Policy Committee has been advocating for legislation that clarifies the definition of "Independent Contractor." While the legislation did not get passed this year, the Vermont Supreme Court has issued a ruling that impacts the issue. Please take a moment to read the June 27 article by  published in VTDigger: HIGH COURT WIDENS POOL OF INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS
. Essentially, the Vermont Supreme Court has ruled that a single-member LLC cannot legally be considered an "employee." According to the article, the Vermont Department of Labor "has previously held that LLC owners must be considered individuals, and therefore could be considered employees, unless they have additional workers."  This Department of Labor stance has made life more complicated for many solo-preneurs who deliver their services as independent contractors, and for the businesses who want to contract with them. The Court's ruling is a welcome bit of clarity. For those among us operating our businesses without a separate legal structure (like an LLC or S-corp, for example), the ruling also provides a good reason to review that decision.  

DREAM, GIRL. A film project inspiring young women to pursue their dreams of business ownership and to encourage women in business to support these dreams as mentors and champions. Through in-depth interviews and access to the daily lives of five incredible entrepreneurs, Dream, Girl paints a complex picture of what is means to be a leader. The women in the film speak openly about the struggles and triumphs that come with entrepreneurship for women – from discrimination to self-care to what it means to start a family and a business at the same time. These events are proudly presented by the Vermont Women’s Fund and the Vermont Community Foundation. The film is truly inspiring, and the audience conversation with local women entrepreneurs is a rich addition.  

WOMEN & MONEY. Perhaps you attended one of our June chapter meetings that had a financial focus and picked up some tips on how to better organize your financial life. Women can be challenged to speak candidly about money, and a grassroots national movement is coming to Vermont to bring women together on this topic. Ladies Get Paid is coming to Contois Auditorium in Burlington on July 17 for a town hall meeting where they’ll share stories about money: how it's tied to our identity and self-worth, why it's taboo to talk about it, and ways women can be more supportive of one another as we move up in our careers. Even as a business owner, you may be falling into the common trap of undervaluing your work. To be part of this inaugural event, learn more here or check out this introductory video.

And speaking of money...Did you see the article in last month’s Bloomberg Business week about the young female activist shareholder trying to get big companies to be more transparent about the gender wage gap? It is an interesting read about why companies are hesitant to address the gender wage gap, and great inspiration for some investigative women trying to improve their companies!

Upcoming conferences

While you may not be quite ready to think about Fall (we’re just barely getting into summer!), there are some "don't-miss" events on the horizon and you will want to take a moment now to mark your calendars. 

Senator Leahy will be hosting the 21st Annual Women’s Economic Opportunity Conference (WEOC) on Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017 at Vermont Technical College in Randolph Center. WBON is continuing its role as a long-time sponsor. Check out the WEOC conference website for more details about the agenda and speakers.

We have confirmed the location for the WBON 2017 Fall Conference on November 8! We will be hosting the event at Hotel Vermont in Burlington. Stay tuned for more details about the theme and agenda for the day. 

Upcoming Chapter & Committee Meetings
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July 12th. Waterbury Area Chapter - On Summer Vacation! No meeting in July.

July 19th. Burlington Chapter - Bookkeeping 101Do you know what your tax accountant is going to need by April 15th? How about determining what is happening with your business cash flow? In this presentation, Michelle Allard of Mallard Accounting will provide some direction, organization, and tips on how to make tax time less painful for you and your tax advisor; along with a bit of help with deciphering those cash flow numbers on a regular basis.

July 25th. Essex Chapter -
On Summer Vacation! No meeting in July.

August 2nd. Williston Chapter - Creating Your Best Days. In today’s “new world of work,” work and life have become fully integrated. In order to have better days at work and in life, we need to make a conscious effort to do so. Our first and most important task is to identify our intentions. Simply put, we need “pause” to understand our purpose and our goals. We have the choice to bring our best selves to work each and every day to in order to perform and function at a high level. Our energy, health, and wellbeing depend on it! Lori Smith, with guest Alison Hemphill will guide the conversation, and you will leave this workshop with individual and organizational strategies for increasing engagement and creating measurable business results. We Have the Power to Be Healthy, Well and Perform at Our Best Everyday.

Public Policy Committee Meetings (3rd Mondays) for the Summer:

  • July - The Public Policy Committee is on Summer Vacation! (No meeting)
  • August 21 – Social meeting. We will wander down street together for wine, cocktails & conversation. 
  • September 18 –  Back to our regular meeting format to explore, discuss & strategize around policy issues that impact you as women business owners.

Welcome, New & Renewing Members. Take a moment and say hello!

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Member News

Congratulations Kelly Klein (and Ricky, too) and welcome, welcome to Viking-Baby-CEO-&-Mead-Maker-in-Training, Nora! Did you know that growing up in an entrepreneurial family is one of the best predictors of success for a budding business owner?

Karen Pike Photography is having a July Flash Sale offering a Headshot Session for only $100 if you book by the end of July and schedule for August! Click here for details.

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