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Afternoon Workshops - 2017 Spring Conference


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Afternoon Workshops (choose one)
People Who Need People: Building a Business Advisory Team & Effectively Accessing Strengths in Your Network
Kristin Humbargar of KLH Coaching Studio & the Essex Hub for Women and Business
These days it takes some creative and innovative thinking to get people on your team. Putting together an advisory team and leveraging the assets in your community can be one of the most important first steps. In this workshop we’ll do an initial dive into: who you consider to be part of “your community,” how to usefully engage in industry/business associations, and how to consider other connections or stakeholders like service providers, mentors, informal advisor networks, and maximized industry relationships. This will be interactive, fun, very conversational, and geared towards startup-stage business owners.

Voluntarily Solo: Continuing to Find Meaning & Innovation in an Intentionally Solo Business Model
Moderator: Colleen Smith of Renewed Spirit Coaching. Panelists: Julia Rogers of EnRoute Consulting, Janet Savage of HandTales, and Michelle Massa of Vital Assets Marketing
People start businesses with the intention to grow them into successful enterprises. Typically, this entails partners, employees, new product lines and more complexity. But what does it mean to grow a business on your own? What are the joys and pitfalls of being the one in full control of the vision and execution of a business? Join this panel of solopreneurs and hear their stories of challenge and success.
    Continuous Change: Reinvention or Refreshing
    Liz Dallas of Vital Leadership Coaching & Stacey Hamblett of Urban Salon Team
    Just when we thought we’d really hit our stride, the need for change comes knocking. We can manage change gracefully or resist with everything we have. Join the conversation as we explore the signals that it’s time to shake things up, the strategies that support us, and the lessons learned along the way. 

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